High peaks and large lakes

Outdoor landscape

Jotunheimen, a natural beauty embraced by the counties of Oppland, Sogn & Fjordane and kissed by mountains, lakes and glaciers.

Where to find us


nature's guest

In Jotunheimen you are nature’s guest. Please remember the following gidelines.

You can walk, bike or ski wherever you like but engines are prohibited

Feel free to stop, enjoy the scenery and set up your tent as long as you tidy up after yourself and don’t leave litter.

You can build a fire, apart from April 15 to September 15 when there is a general ban on fires in forests. Please restrain yourself when collecting firewood.

Berries, mushrooms and common plants can be picked for your own use and risk as long as you show consideration of cultural relics, vegetation and fauna.

Remember, you are a guest of nature so be extra careful during the breeding and nesting season.

When you plan to make use of the Jotunheimen’s hunting and fishing opportunities remember you need a license. Do not use live fish as bait or transfer live fish from one watercourse to another.

Dogs are welcome as well, just remember to keep yor dog on a leash between April 1 and August 20.